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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  July 28, 2012 3:00pm-3:45pm EDT

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>> wondered if he would enjoy it. we have this event here that will play two classic compositions of my little brown vulture. thank you. [applause]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] ♪ ♪ >> up next the christian broadcast network's cheap political news correspondent david brody on the relationship between evangelical christians and the tea party. discussed his book and the national viewer female and --
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e-mails and tweets on washington journal. >> next guest at current gauge job is newses. david brody wrote "the teavangelicals" the inside story of how the evangelicals and tea party are taking back america. welcome. tell us about teavangelicals as a term. >> it was 2009-2010 and all the tea party rallies were going on around the country and i noticed they were praying at the beginning of the rallies and in some key parties there were some prayer circles and all this. i should do some interviews and i did and many were conservative christians. so this bore that out. 55% or 60%. some say it is higher. they are actually conservative christians. i needed a name for an done decided to call will christian tea party ears and that sounded
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too radical. maybe tea party questions. too boring. i went with the teavangelicals. most of these conservative christians are evangelical christians and they are breaking bread with libertarians in the tea party movement. >> host: the technical definition is conservative christian, typically evangelical who strongly supports the tea party agenda and active in the tea party movement. a relatively new phenomenon? >> guest: the breaking point with libertarians is definitely knew. hence the new term but this is a more think of the moral majority, christian coalition days and all that but now we are seeing fiscal issues take paramount importance during this time in the country's history. clearly this is a big part of -- they are breaking bread with libertarians. >> host: fiscal issues bring people to these rallies and participate does that mean social issues have taken a back seat?
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>> guest: not at all but just because the social issues are important to the evangelicals doesn't mean they want to tell what the movement with social issues. they can feel as strongly about the abortion issue and the life issue but they will take that ball and play elsewhere. they are not bringing it into the tea party rallies and that is important. 60% of the tea party is considered socially conservative. 40% libertarian. you have all these conservative christians and social conservatives in the movement but what has the tea party done? they pretty much adhered to a strict fiscal discipline in terms of messaging coming out of the tea party that hasn't been coopted. >> host: the tea party enjoyed strength in previous years. what did the addition of these teavangelicals give the party as far as their ability to influence even more so in the coming election? >> guest: the teavangelicals, bottom line and the truth of the matter is libertarians can not make a difference in this
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country by themselves. conversely conservative christians can't do it all by themselves as well. clearly the key part is to bring both sides together and that is what the teavangelicals doing. there powering the movement. if you raptors to use an evangelical term, raptors them out of the tea party you're left with less than half a movement. there is no tea party without the conservative christians and that is the reality whether people want to admit it or not. >> host: describing them as a group or part of a group how would you describe evangelical? >> we go through that in the book can use the research group's definition known for a lot of their christian not just influence in the community but a lot of their surveys but someone who believes in the inerrancy of the bible, every word of the bible is true. it starts with the belief in jesus christ as your personal savior and you go from there and there is fine-tuning after that but those that the stable
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points. >> host: david brody is here to todd about his book "the teavangelicals" the christian influence on the tea party and other issues related to politics. if you want to ask about his book or religious voters in politics here is how you do so. 202-737-0001 and 00024 republicans and 628-6054 independents and send a tweet and an e-mail to if you had to say as far as the teavangelicals is concerned who is an example most people would know? >> quite a few folks. in one of the chapters we lay out the teavangelicals powerhouses. sarah palin would be one. they all have their strengths and weaknesses. sarah palin is one. mike huckabee. alan west, and marco rubio as well and a lot of people say hold on.
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marco rubio is catholic. in the book i talk about just because -- you can be -- rick santorum is teavangelicals but also a roman catholic. people sometimes get a little not confused but make sure you understand what we're talking about. conservative christians broadly. i use the word teavangelicals because there are a lot in the tea party. >> host: if there part of the movement how are they looking at mitt romney? >> guest: let's be honest. they were not that enamored with him during the primary. we have seen the exit polls and a lot of surveys that have gone with it. having said that this isn't so much about mitt romney as president obama. how do the teavangelicals si mitt romney? somewhat skeptical but realize this is their best shot and only shot and realistic shot of bringing this president and taking him out of office. >> host: his mormonism?
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>> guest: 15% of evangelical christians and many are teavangelicals, really would not vote for a mormon. having said that not to stereotype folks around the country that geographically and time mormon sentiment is in southern states where he will win anyway. if you look and a swing state battle it probably isn't going to be as much as people think. >> host: david brody our guests, "the teavangelicals" the inside story of how the evangelicals and tea party are taking back america. first call in kentucky. good morning. >> caller: good morning. this teavangelicals thing is pushing and pushing to force their religion on me. a beautiful thing about the first amendment is my choice not to participate in religion and yet you are trying to shoved
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your theories on abortion and theories of creation on me. won't have that. every one of the people you mentioned lax spiritual substance and are more interested in convincing me they are right rather than their own spiritual salvation. thank you. >> guest: a sentiment that is out there and no disrespect to see e but if you go to tea party rallies you will see these folks are not -- it is not necessarily about making this christian nation and every body needs to go under this one matter. these evangelicals feel strongly about the judeo-christian principles and a return in this country toward judeo-christian principles that they will not force their faith especially as relates to tea party rallies and all of that. you can be principled without being obnoxious.
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that is more of a sentiment that i experience. i am not saying there are not pockets of that but at the same time i don't think it is prevalent in the whole movement. >> host: connect where teavangelicals find a judeo principle and say tax policy or if this is what they doing and aligning themselves with? >> guest: we talk about tax policy in the book. there are a lot of progress of evangelicals who feel the opposite venues bible verses to make their case that evangelicals use them too. we talk about returning to fiscal responsibility and in the bible it talks about a good person leads an inheritance to their children's children or a slave to the lender. in luke talks about how you build a power, estimate for cost of what the tower will cost in the first place. teavangelicals from a conservative perspective very much fiscal responsibility in the bible. a see a good tax policy in the
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bible as well as relates to doesn't mean they don't want to pay their taxes. vendor to caesar what is caesar's. they believe in that but lower taxes means more money that a family cashews to spend rather than the government. >> host: north carolina. jim on the republican line. >> caller: good morning. >> host: you are on. go ahead. >> caller: i hope you can hear me. the tea party deal if i understand their primary concern one of the founding principles was government is much too big, federal here -- talk about principle being principled without being obnoxious. i want you to talk about principles because if i adhere to a set of principles like too big which means it has to get
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smaller and one of the primary problems in the federal government is medicare and government programs of that type and with the tea party movement i got to cut my medicare card up and mail my sense is -- social security back to be true to my principles without being obnoxious. >> guest: i am somewhat following the argument. he makes a larger point about government getting too big. in the book we talk about many of these teavangelicals believe god is getting smaller and the public arena and government through this many state becoming too big becoming people's god and this is a big reason teavangelicals have joined the tea party. they say this isn't just about president obama but it started -- we talk about this and started under big government programs under president bush and the bailout and all that and t.a.r.p. and they say enough is enough and they believe --
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teavangelicals believe and many others believe this is part of a spiritual awakening in this country akin to the great awakening. they believe this and they see it manifesting in the tea party movement. >> host: talk about various tea party groups out there currently. maverick on twitter asks contrast the tea party patriots to the tea party evangelical. he cites the example of sarah palin claiming to be a tea party patriot and ask the question can it be both? >> tea party patriots i assume talking about the tea party patriots, what is interesting and we point out in the book is jenny martin who heads tea party patriot is good friends with ralph reed to happens to head of the face of freedom coalition which is the teavangelicals presentation. they do events together and amy kramer who heads tea party express and a lot of events and not only coordinate's but in
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constant contact with concerned women for america, the tentacles of this, the web is connected in different ways. doesn't mean it is organized but loosely organized from a relationship perspective. >> host: good morning on the independent line. >> caller: thanks for c-span. i wanted to ask david brody if his theory is that the tea party is primarily evangelical then why is it that almost all of the money from the tea party is going through grover norquist from the cote brothers and other wealthy investors and they say christian things their focus is primarily on reducing taxes and eliminating the effectiveness of government? if they have to destroy it if necessary to make government in effective.
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how does that represent any type of christian values? >> guest: good question. this is the bottom up movement. to invoke the cote brothers and there is a tea party movement money floating around with a coke brothers. we talk about them in the book. this is the bottom up movement. as it relates to evangelicals that is what they are about. the movement is so organic in nature that the believe system of the tea party comes not so much from the coke brothers and the money and all that but the ground up and you can't stop that. if the polk brothers and anybody else try to become some sort of tea party came or master of the tea party wouldn't work. not so much about the money.kin tea party wouldn't work. not so much about the money. not the money doesn't help that the people who are teavangelicals who eventually have the final say on what goes
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on. >> host: they want the government by the bible and not the constitution? >> guest: they want government by the constitution which they believe is rooted in believe in the almighty god. it is that simple. a lot of times the tea party talks about libertarians, return to constitutionally limited government. teavangelicals see the same thing. they call it something different. return to judeo-christian principles. lot of people say what does that mean in terms of taking our country back to this time of judeo-christian principles? strict constructionist view of the way the founding fathers intended this country to be and all of it rooted in a belief in the almighty in the almighty god. >> host: three stories in the paper about the louisiana governor bobby jindal especially talking about possibly as vice presidential candidate. as far as teavangelicals looking at who might mitt romney pick for vice president has he captured things teavangelicals
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might like? >> guest: bobby dingell would be a wonderful teavangelicals pick. tea party leader is an evangelical leaders, all of the smorgasbord that of bobby -- governor bobby jindal. whether he is ready for the national vetting issue is separate but in terms of public policy work and this idea that he converted from hinduism to catholicism and very much a champion of pro-life community especially in louisiana governor bobby jindal is the cure a of picks that would do mitt romney a world of good. a few others if we want to talk about those but tim pawlenty is one that would excite some. he has a very nice story. he is a born-again christian who doesn't talk about it as much but he is an his story and his family would play well. he is also developed a lot of street credit in the evangelical community. that is a big part of it and he has a good track record on the
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issues but beyond those two you have bob macdonald of virginia and a couple others. marco rubio would be fine. national vetting issues there. those are about four and they would love mike huckabee but i -- of maybe even a cure see. >> host: if it were condoleezza rice? >> guest: a major problem. the reason that would be is mitt romney's promise to make the mvp peck pro-life vice presidential pick. >> host: condoleezza rice is not pro-life. she is pro-choice. clearly that is going to be a broken promise in that teavangelicals community. >> host: next for david brody, emma on the democrat line. >> caller: carriers they talk about taking the country back from. they took from the indians and produce waves over to build the country and senate the mexicans
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for cheap labor. what do they mean they are taking the country back? from whom? >> guest: great question. i was on a program with travis miley we use -- two years ago and he asked exactly that. who are they trained to take the country back from? not about who they're taking it back from but where they're trying to take it to and take it to -- back to the founding of this country the way they interpret it. we talked about before. the strict constructionist view of the way the founding fathers interpreted the founding of this country with a belief in the almighty god and the return to lebron ltd. -- limited government and that is what this is about. for people to have these conspiracy theories that evangelicals or teavangelicals are out to make this a christian nation. do they believe it is a christian nation? appleby. do they want to convince everybody to the point they're going to storm the gate of the capital? that is not going to happen.
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>> host: what are you learning about this? >> guest: beyond the fact there were so many teavangelicals type folks out there i personally what i felt was great were the stories i found out so for example one of the man this book is littered with personal stories one of them about the tea party libertarian, the head of the new york city tea party patriots, tea party patriots in new york city, number kerri wanted nothing to know about god and started to go to one of the tea party meetings down there with a lot of tea party groups in florida and some of those tea party leader started witnessing using teavangelicals talking about the gospel down at one of those tea party meetings and bottom line is fleet to month for three months later gave his life to jesus christ. a tea party libertarian became teavangelicals justin rose labels around for a moment but it was interesting because he
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was witnessed the gospel in the tea party. >> host: bob on the republican line. 89 don't:ten meetings that -- i just have it inside my heart and i did it on facebook and cheryl lot with people. i believe in the foundation of our country. i believe in the founders and the way they believed, weber not takers. they were helper's. they had strong noble character and you rarely see -- when i talked to people on the tea party on facebook you do not see
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the viciousness that i hear so much on c-span in the morning from different groups the press the republicans, democrats and independentss that i see this viciousness and it makes me sad because what we really want is we want this country to get back to being on their own two feet and working together. your take in your book, very much appreciate it but i am not a religious person so to speak. >> guest: interesting. you mention this idea of viciousness. people think the tea party - lot of names they have been called. viciousness and other names. i grew up on the upper west side of new york, new york city. i read the new york times every
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day. i grew up in the liberal bastion of new york as a jewish guy which is another separate c-span show i am sure. i got to tell you when you read the new york times every day and you go and pretty much have a corridor that is new york and washington you really get a much different perspective than when you travel around this country. that is what i did for this book. when you travel around this country. news flash. the tea party isn't vicious after all. not saying there are pockets in terms of knuckleheads that show up at rallies but there are knuckleheads all over the country in all different movements but the vast majority of the tea party are not vicious out all. we are god-fearing and got loving americans. >> host: how is mitt romney reaching out to evangelical leaders? >> guest: i just put an article about this in the last week or so. there are two different mitt romney campaigns going on one in front of the camera and one behind. behind the camera has been a lot
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of reaching out as it relates to mitt romney and his team. peter faherty is talking to all these types of leaders on a weekly or sometimes daily basis. we note rick warren and mitt romney have spoken in the last couple weeks and that is part of the reporting i put up and so in the book i speak about how mitt romney backed up in 2006 was courting the evangelical leaders but fascinating story about gary bauer and franklin graham and jerry falwell and a lot of folks over to his home hosting the & whiches in their living room in 2006. a month later they get a package in the mail and it is a huge share and on the back is a plaque that says you will always have a seat at my table. he has been doing that since 2006. there's behind-the-scenes courting of evangelical leaders and in front of the camera the romney campaign pick and choose
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sponsors for who wants to show up at pro-family/face type events. >> in a recent blog you talk about mitt romney before the naacp and referenced a certain section of the speech that he talked about and recited potential problems when it comes to religious believers. i want to play that section and get your response to it. >> with 90% of african-americans who typically vote for democrats some may wonder why a republican would bother to campaign in the african-american community and to address the naacp. one reason is that our hope to represent all americans of every race, creed and sexual orientation. [applause] from the forest to the richest and everyone in between. >> host: what did you find in that phrase? >> guest: it was seven second to launch in evangelical world when he mentioned sexual orientation. race, greed.
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could have stopped their but he went to sexual orientation. this has been democrats and liberal and homosexual activists playbook for a long time which is to include sexual orientation as a class and that is what he in won't say he bought into the play book but he is using the language of the liberal playbook and that is something that does not go over well in the evangelical world because this is what they have been fighting against decades. this idea of classifying sir orientation from a statutes standpoint within the federal government were language if you will. >> host: as part of an overwhelming desire by some to see president obama out of office? >> guest: in the religious community -- >> host: though you identify as teavangelicals. >> guest: there is a concern that romney when he uses this language goes to a trust issue and whether they can trust him on social issues. do they trust and economically? they trust him economically. that is not the issue and most
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will vote for him. the question is it is all about trust and social issues so is from the all the way there? no. he is 80% there. what is he going to do between now and november to get them there? president obama did a great job helping mitt romney get their for the most part but not all the way. >> host: arlington, texas. the independent line. >> caller: as someone who grew up in the church i am often found this whole movement of trying to inject jesus christ and religion into politics i have often found it disgusting because first of all when it comes to god's word both parties fall short so i think we should kill this whole notion that somehow if you vote republican
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you vote with god and all this kind of stuff because basically what you have done is created your own faults religion number one. just vote for who you want to vote for but quit--unless jesus christ himself is running you can't vote your faith. let's be honest about that. number 2, i think the tea party -- when i talked to a lot of my older relatives, it is a white separatist movement. the same old white citizens council and states rights and things from the past from the 60s that they see in this. i just think -- can then as far as supporting mitt romney why would you support -- jesus said if anybody comes with another reformation you reject him. >> host: let him respond. >> guest: how do you unpack
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that. start with the racism part of this equation. i don't go out sober. the tea party raise the personal absolutely not. but i explain exactly the concerns people have as deion mentioned. he mentioned white supremacists -- if the tea party was racist at all, would alan west be a hero? would tim scott to be a hero? what herman cain be a hero? just from a simplistic perspective and we drill down much deeper in the book but that is one thing to think about. as for face in the republican party, you like and teavangelicals -- within the tea party -- i tell you that nine of ten have something negative to say about the republican party. this is the whole deck of the tea party. it is about anti-incumbency. not republican or democrat. detail line with republicans
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more? absolutely. that is not the issue. the issue is they are tired of the republicans and democrats and the washington works and that is the overriding issue. as to how faith it's the equation there are biblical absolutely the teavangelicals see the world. is there anything wrong with being principled? the answer is no. is there something wrong with pushing your beliefs on someone else when they have heard enough? absolutely. you need to back off. doesn't mean you can't be principles or have beliefs -- >> host: st. louis, missouri. >> caller: i wanted to comment about jesus and the evangelicals. jesus said i was hungry and you fed me. i was naked and you loathe to me. i was in prison and you visited me. when did we do these things?
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if you do the least of them you have done it the least. as far as the rich are concerned, he said land and to caesar that which belongs to caesar. i am a christian too. he said visits and to god what belongs to god. he is talking about your soul and you out in the world saving souls, not the rich and the greedy taking the 4 and the needy. >> host: is there a question? >> guest: that is where he is. today and forever. >> host: thank you. >> guest: i know where she is going and i have heard it before. do evangelicals believe taking care of others in this world and this country? absolutely 1 hundred million%. of course they do. the difference is they don't want the federal government
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necessarily taking over because they believe churches and this is what ron paul and rand paul talk about the churches and individuals need to help other individuals. it is the community and the churches and everybody coming together. evangelicals are the most generous when it comes to charitable giving. conservative evangelicals is not about them not fulfilling or trying to live out what the bible commands. that is not what this is about. this is about whether the federal government has the actual right for the reasoning if you will to actually make that argument and go ahead and have the federal government replace god or replace someone else's personal charitable giving. a believe charitable giving is the way to go. not that the federal government should get involved. doesn't mean they want a social safety net because if you look inside those numbers those folks understand there's a need for a social safety net but where do we go exactly with this?
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spiraling more out of control and getting things under control. >> host: help you take it to the decision by the supreme court on health care? >> guest: in terms of what? >> host: the need for social safety net and people's perception whether it is needed or not especially among teavangelicals. >> guest: as it relates to the teavangelicals and the decision on health care they are very concerned about what obamacare will do to this country. they don't see a social safety net issue. they see it and the obama administration disagrees with that but they see very much more as government intrusion. it is like looking in two different directions. they are see much difference in obamacare than others think is a social safety net and expansion of medicaid. >> host: florida on the independent line. >> caller: this is alvin. i am down here where alan west is running for a seat and we really think he is crazy.
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my question is, we are debating now that our forefathers some of the stuff should be rewritten and everything should be set in stone for what they had in the whole centuries. we are debating here. has progress moves, we tried different cars. we don't drive the cars our forefathers had. we spend our money, we don't have a problem killing people with our defense budget but helping the needy is where we should be. that is what the bible proclaims. these teavangelicals are serious they would see through that and what they call obamacare is helping this country. >> guest: was it gym? let me tell you one of the things we address in the book has to do with the paul ryan
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budget and the moral implications both on the positive and negative side. a lot a negative and sins a positive. evangelicals believe if you are heading off a cliff let people know that it is coming and we need to make cuts. look what is going on in spain. more drastic cuts need to happen right away or right this moment because nothing was done in the past. paul ryan and other teavangelicals make that argument that it is the most moral compassionate thing to do to let people we are cutting your benefits drastically in the next five or 15 years so we're going to enjoy this along a little bit so we can ease u.n. to that rather than drop you off a cliff. there is a moral reasoning behind what the teavangelicals believe. >> host: you say teavangelicals want people helping other people isn't the federal government expression of the collective people? >> guest: the federal government
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-- there is a federal government/bureaucracy -- i don't like that word. i can't say it. with bureaucracy you get a sense when there are too many hands in the cookie jar that people wait teavangelicals see the world people are sinful and fallible and when you have a federal government that a lot of people think isn't all that great and somewhat sinful and fallible that the last thing you want is the federal government controlling anything. >> host: david brody is our guest. atlanta up, georgia, democrats line. >> caller: you talk about getting back to the constitution being a strict constructionist but we had that before and people used the bible to proclaim that it was right to have slaves. you want to get back to what they were thinking that is what they were thinking and we know
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that that is not what jesus was talking about and we know that everything is anti jesus or anti christ and you might want to look in the mirror of who you just might be. >> guest: i will check a mirror on a way out for sure. i checked myself all the time. i don't know how to respond to that other than first of all, i don't even know how to respond to that. is unfortunate that some one wants to judge either myself or others that this is what teavangelicals -- this is what happens with teavangelicals and evangelicals. they proclaim that jesus christ is a board and the only way to heaven and they are somehow ridiculed because of that belief. they see it as heartfelt and compassionate and as a loving act to tell people about jesus christ and yet it is interpreted like that. there is a responsibility for
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christians and teavangelicals to explain their views not just on public policy but also on their belief in of jesus christ and do it in a way that is not necessarily offensive but the gospel is offensive because people are required to make a choice. >> host: where does the tea party -- probably referring to teavangelicals sins on corporate greed. >> host: >> guest: they are not a big fan of it. there is overlap between the occupy wall street movement and the teavangelicals, the tea party. there is some of that. they have problems with corporate greed but there's also a capitalism issue. they believe in free markets leaders the teavangelicals. they believe in free market capitalism. that is obviously where -- different with the occupy wall street movement. in terms of corporate greed, problem with corporate greed in a bubble in and of itself but there's a larger picture about free-market capitalism and
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letting free markets work as they will. >> host: carlos from chicago is next. >> guest: >> caller: good morning. a comment and a question. the comment is how are you doing, mr. brody? you said that the teavangelicals are trying to return the country back to our forefathers, judaeo-christian believe. as an african-american i have learned people like the guy who call from georgia said the people have used the bible to enslave my ancestors and building this country -- also when our forefathers -- one of them was thomas jefferson why learned study from the koran. my question is if we are trying to return the country to judaeo-christian and eddie what about the jews and muslims that
3:40 pm
live here? >> guest: that is broader than what i get into in "the teavangelicals" but i will simply say -- didn't get his name. >> host: carlos. >> guest: i said hello to carlos. anyone who claims they are a believer in jesus christ and have no problem with slavery or a racist they may want to rethink that because it has nothing to do with the body of christ and it is unfortunate people claim they are christians when they are racist. it is extremely unfortunate and very despicable. >> host: long island, new york. you are next. joanne on the republican line. >> caller: i took offense at the previous caller who was -- can you hear me? >> host: you are on. >> caller: i am sorry. i took offense at the previous caller who said this gentleman was using religion to further
3:41 pm
his cause and not in a good way. it is done all the time. the rev. al sharpton, the rev. jesse jackson when he counseled bill clinton on his infidelity and turned out he had a child of his own out of wedlock. i just wanted to give the guy some back up here. >> host: that was joanne from long island. >> guest: i will say i think joanne makes a broader point or at least i like to draw a broader point which is when the teavangelicals on this tea party banner, checking her face at the door but at the same time they care about constitutionally
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limited government, where they want to return this country to. the two are not mutually exclusive. you can be a face loving evangelical christian, care deeply about this country and walk and chew gum at the same time and all these conspiracy theories and everybody has -- we think the teavangelicals have some sort of agenda of some sort. they head to indiana or ohio or florida can i name the other 40 states and take a look at the tea party rally and actually see what is there. don't go to one. go to many and take a look and report back in a year. take some time. take a look. >> host: connie on the democrats' line in maryland. >> caller: mr. brody, you said charity should feed the hungry people. we have forty-six million of them. you tell that to children in mcdowell county in west virginia
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where there is no charity to go and feed these children and a lot of rural states there is no place to go for charity, no churches. they are as for as the people who live there so they depend on the government to get food stamps. if you arbuckle christian why would you want to cut food stamps for hungry children? this is exactly what the ryan bill does. right now with so many people lot of jobs they want to cut food stamps. >> guest: i never said teavangelicals wants to cut food stamps for hungry children at all. they see it as a partnership between charities, local charities with in the community, within churches within the broader evangelical community and much broader than the evangelical community to help out their fellow man. does that mean the federal
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government has no responsibility or doesn't take part in all of this? that is not what i am saying or what teavangelicals are saying. they believe in a social safety net. how big exactly and what about expansion of this and how much it should be expanded and whether or not that is the role of the federal government. this is about the role of the federal government. not about trying to tell folks we want to keep children hungry in america and it is unfortunate connie and others feel that way but the good news is we have a book that explains a you can take a look at it. >> host: "the teavangelicals" of the book. the story of how evangelicals and the tea party arctic and back america. david brody wrote it and he is chief correspondent for christian broadcasting network news. thank you. >> is there a nonfiction author or book you want to see featured on booktv? send a san e-mail at or tweak as at


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